Accelerate Project Execution

Projects are notorious for being either late, over budget or under scope. Even though most companies are very aware of this, still they take on more and more projects and continue to over promise and under deliver. There are two reasons why most projects are delivered late, over budget and often compromise the scope.

  • Projects are not structured and managed to ensure that task gains offset task delays
  • Organizations allow too much bad multitasking

In order to deliver more projects, on-time, on-budget and on-scope, projects must be managed according to the three simple rules of Critical Chain:

  • Stagger the release of projects into execution.
  • Don’t create precise schedules in planning. Schedule aggressively with 50% buffers.
  • Drive execution priorities based on buffer consumption.

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) is a much more effective way to manage projects that resolves the short comings in the traditional Critical Path approach. CCPM recognizes that most projects have more than enough safety or contingency time embedded in the task / activity estimates, but that this safety is mostly wasted. The CCPM solution ensures that gains in task time are properly transferred to the next task while delays in task time are properly buffered. The three simple rules introduced above are required to effectively ensure projects are delivered on time, on budget and on scope.

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