Manufacturing Tech Insights – CMS Montera – Bridging the Gap between Business and Operations

CMS Montera is featured as the Company of the Month in the October 2015 issue of Manufacturing Tech Insights.  In addition, CMS Montera is listed on their Top 10 list of Manufacturing Execution System providers – Mfg Tech Insights – CMS Montera Article, Oct 2015

Gaining Competitive Advantage through Reducing Project Lead Times

A White Paper by Duncan Patrick and Jack Warchalowski of CMS Montera and published as part of the 2013 PMI Global Congress Proceedings – New Orleans, Louisiana – View White Paper

Continuous Improvement Trio

Written by Pirasteh and Farah and published in the May 2006 issue of APICS magazine, reinforces the case as to why LEAN and Six Sigma should always be implemented under the focusing umbrella of TOC – View Article

Solving the Two Biggest Mistakes Made by Manufacturers

Describes two common mistakes made by most manufacturers and introduces simple solutions based on the Theory of Constraints approach to Demand Driven Replenishment and Flow Issue Reporting – View Article

Increase Sales by 40%: “What’s Next for Innovative Food Manufacturers?”

Describes a recent client success story where a food manufacturer ventured outside their four walls and took over the replenishment and assortment decisions for their product at a large retail food chain – View Article

Raising Prices and Gross Margins with Inventory Replenishment

Summarizes a meeting with a large clothing distributor / retailer and describes how changing the replenishment approach from their distribution centre to their retail shops will result in higher average selling prices – View Article

Is the Problem Really That Your Forecast is Inaccurate?

Summarizes a meeting with a large publishing company and shows how their primary problem is not about trying to predict how many novels to have printed, but instead is where and when to ship the novels out to distribution – View Article

Grow Your Sales by 25%: Make-to-Order-vs Make-to-Stock

Discusses the drawbacks with both the traditional approaches to Make-to-Stock and Make-to-Order and introduces a new approach based on the Theory of Constraints’ Demand Driven Replenishment – View Article