Inventory Synchronization Workshop

Increase your Sales by Lowering your Inventory!

Traditional purchasing and inventory management is increasing your costs …

  • Most companies have too much inventory with too many stock outs
  • Purchasing’s strong focus on unit cost often reinforces this problem
  • Improving forecast accuracy is usually a futile and costly endeavour
  • Inventory management has not significantly changed in almost 40 years

Demand Driven Replenishment ensures that …

  • Replenishment lead times are dramatically reduced
  • Many Buy, Make and Ship decisions are based on consumption vs. forecast (Pull vs. Push)
  • These decisions provide protection against variability of supply and demand

In order to maximize sales and minimize costs, companies should …

  • Hold inventory where there is still choice of what it will become or where it will go
  • Establish inventory targets to cover what is needed before more reliably arrives
  • Buy what you used, make what you shipped, ship what you sold

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