Business Assessment

CMS Montera conducts Business Assessments to help clients identify what and where to improve and to quantify the benefits they will receive from the implementing our Solutions and Software. Business Assessments take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to complete and involve a combination of client interviews, analysis of operational and financial data, Theory of Constraints training, and a workshop with a client’s Executive Team.

Assessment Guarantee

Based on our more than 20 years experience with many, many Business Assessments, we are very confident in our ability to identify value for clients. CMS Montera fully refunds the cost of the Business Assessment if we are not able to show a client how to at least:

  • Increase effective operating capacity by 25%,
  • Reduce Project lead time by 25%,
  • Reduce overall inventory by 25%, or
  • Improve product availability by 25%.

The focus of a Business Assessment includes:

Capacity Misallocations – from producing or shipping too much of the wrong product / work

Poor Synchronization of Material / Information – from not having the right raw material, purchased parts, manufactured components, finished product, information, or approvals at the right area / time in the operational flow

Loss of Operational Capacity on critical resources – from either having

  • too much downtime, lack of work standards, and weak quality management, etc.
  • too much bad multi-tasking, lost task safety, and too many cost driven vs. flow driven measures

Once the interviews and data analysis are complete, CMS Montera ensures that the management team attends one of our Training Programs to understand how the TOC concepts apply to and benefit their business.

Business Assessments conclude with an Executive Team workshop. A typical agenda includes:

  • Overall Business Assessment Scorecard
  • Observations and Findings from Data Analysis
  • Improvement Vision and Recommendations
  • Value Proposition
  • Implementation Plan