Bx – Business Performance Intelligence

CMS RoadRunner Bx – Business Performance Intelligence Software provides Visibiity and Synchronization of Sales & Operations. CMS RoadRunner Bx helps companies:

  • increase sales by improving pricing
  • focus sales & operations on more profitable customers / products / markets
  • measure the operational performance of the business
  • evaluate the effectiveness of inventory investment, and
  • highlight suppliers that enable the business

For a demo of some of this functionality, please click one of the below links.

Bx Demo

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This is a screen shot of CMS RoadRunner’s Bx Dashboard. Users are able to easily view the business’ performance from 4 key perspectives: Throughput, Customer Service, Inventory and Vendors. Gauges display how the businesses current performance compares to target. And drop down menu’s allow users to change many parameters.

Core functionality includes:

  • Operations Scorecard including Schedule Adherence and Constraint Activation
  • Bx Dashboard
    • Sales Profitability Analysis
    • Productivity Ratios
    • Customer Service Performance
    • Inventory Investment Analysis
    • Vendor Performance
  • Includes ad hoc Data Cube browsing and analysis in Microsoft Excel

To print or download addional information please click CMS RoadRunner Bx – 2017