Mx – Production Planning & Execution

CMS RoadRunner Mx – Production Planning & Execution Software provides Visibility and Synchronization to Optimize Operations. CMS RoadRunner Mx helps manufacturers:

  • reduce lead times
  • improve on-time delivery
  • produce more with the same resources
  • improve inventory turns, and
  • improve productivity

CMS RoadRunner Mx enables Drum-Buffer-Rope production planning and demand driven replenishment.

For a demo of some of this functionality, please click one of the below links.

Mx Demo

Video Demo Schedule a Live Demo

This is a screen shot of CMS RoadRunner Mx “Released Screen”. Users are able to quickly see which orders are the priority, how long they should take to produce at the constraint resource, and whether or not there are any issues or concerns with an order. In addition, users are able to report production, flow issues, and quality issues.

Core Mx functionality includes:

  • Suggest what-to-buy / make / ship
  • Communicates the schedule & sequence
  • Synchronizes the schedule with material requirements
  • Provides visibility of work flow, priorities & production issues
  • Automates order releasing
  • Reconciles Make-to-Order and Make-to-Stock work order priorities
  • Simplifies production, quality and issue reporting
  • Drives continuous improvement process
  • Automates flow issue reporting
  • Measures plant performance
  • Resizes inventory targets

To print or download additional information please click CMS RoadRunner Mx – 2017