Optimize Production Execution

There are three primary reasons why many manufacturers’ costs are too high, output is not what it should be, lead times are too long and / or delivery dates are unreliable.

  • The belief that the best way to optimize operations is to reduce waste everywhere
  • The belief that the most efficient way to run production is to balance line capacity
  • The belief that a resource standing idle is a major waste

In reality, all of these beliefs are completely faulty.

In order to Optimize Production Execution – use the same resources to produce more qood quality product, in much shorter lead times and reliably on-time – production should be managed according to these simple rules:

  • Unbalance the production line and maximize the output of one critical resource
  • Choke the amount of Work-in-Process allowed in the plant
  • Track the issues that most often hinder flow and direct continuous improvement efforts to fix these issues

Drum Buffer Rope (DBR) is the most effective way to do this. DBR is a production execution approach applicable to any operational flow with at least one work centre or department. DBR is designed to increase quality output of the right product in the shortest possible time. DBR has three components:

Drum – sets the pace for the operational flow and dictates the rate at which products can be processed. Since every system has a constraint (or control point) any actions taken to optimize the performance of the drum optimizes the performance of the operational flow.

Buffer – ensures that just enough of the right work is sitting in front of the drum so that the drum always works on the right thing and doesn’t run out of things to work on. The buffer provides clear priorities to the Drum as well as to all other work centres or departments.

Rope – limits the release of new work in to the operational flow in line with the pace of the Drum. As the Drum processes one unit of work (units or time) the Rope releases one more unit into the operational flow.

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