Px – Project Execution

CMS RoadRunner Px – Project Execution Software provides Visibility and Synchronization to Accelerate Project Execution. CMS RoadRunner Px helps project based organizations:

  • ensure task gains offset task delays
  • resolve conflicting priorities
  • reduce bad multi-tasking
  • facilitate full kitting, and
  • improve quality / minimize rework

CMS RoadRunner Px enables Critical Chain Project Management.

For a demo of some of this functionality, please click one of the below links.

Px Demo

Video Demo Schedule a Live Demo

This screen shot of the CMS RoadRunner Px is the Pipeline Status Chart. The user has the ability to view the overall priority of all active projects and determine which project needs the most attention. Project priority is measured based on the ratio of Critical Chain complete to Project Buffer consumed (Flow Index).

Core functionality includes:

  • Prioritizes tasks and resources
  • Manages single and multi project pipelines
  • Creates and updates project networks
  • Predicts delays to key tasks & project dates
  • Manages resources & pipeline loading

To print or download additional information please click CMS RoadRunner Px – 2017