Rx – Inventory Management

CMS RoadRunner Rx – Inventory Management Software significantly improves inventory turns and availability using Demand Driven Replenishment.

For a demo of some of this functionality, please click one of the below links.

Rx Demo

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This is a screen shot of the CMS RoadRunner Rx “Item Performance Chart”. The user is able to view historical on-hand and on-order inventory balances over time, as well as daily consumption for all items either purchased or produced. This information is very valuable to aid with the resizing of inventory targets.

Core Rx functionality includes:

  • Dynamic Inventory Target Resizing
  • Automated Replenishment Suggestions
  • What to Buy / Make – to Stock
  • What to Buy / Make – to Order
  • What to Ship – single and multiple locations
  • Notification of Shortages and Overages
  • Inventory Location Rebalancing
  • Supply Piepline Health assessment
  • Consumption History Analysis