Solution Implementation

Many clients ask CMS Montera to assist them with implementing our Solutions and Software for three primary reasons:

  • Speed to Results – to ensure a fast pace of Implementation to achieve the financial results
  • Knowledge and Expertise – to ensure the correct implementation and change management of the TOC Improvement Vision
  • Sustainability – to ensure sustainability by putting the necessary processes and tools in place after the initial success and the consultants leave

The Implementation project typically lasts four to five months and involves CMS Montera consultants at the client site on a weekly basis. Most implementation projects involve an overall Steering Committee and one or more Project Teams. In addition, clients usually appoint an overall Implementation Project Manager.

Steering Committee – The Steering Committee guides the overall Implementation and ensures the timely removal of obstacles to ensure that the Implementation Project can achieve its objective on-time and on budget. This committee is comprised of a client’s executive team and project manager along with the CMS Montera team. The Steering Committee often meets every 2 to 4 weeks.

Project Manager – The Project Manager is usually a key Senior Manager with the client’s organization and is charged with working closely with CMS Montera to build the detailed Implementation Plan, ensure progress, challenge the Project Teams and report back to the Steering Committee. In addition, the Project Manager utilizes the CMS Montera consultants and Project Teams to ensure the Management Solutions and Software are fully disseminated throughout the organization.

Project Teams – Project Teams are typically led by our clients facilitated by a CMS Montera Consultant and are comprised of approximately 4 to 8 cross functional client people. Project Teams usually meet at least once per week with tasks assigned between meetings. With the help of CMS Montera, Project Team members are expected to become experts in the specific Management Solutions and the application to the clients organization.